Monday, January 29, 2024

Cable offers 3-in-1 convenience


I've tried a couple of these multi-headed charging cables in the past and none of them performed very well. The typical issue is they don't have enough capacity to charge three devices at once. 

The Cugunu charging cable seems to be capable of doing the job. It three connectors with tips for USB-C and Lightning plus a disc to charge the Apple Watch. That's what I needed for my iPhone 15, my iPad and watch. All three lit up and promptly began refueling.

The business end of the cable offers a nice touch of convenience. The full-sized USB-A slides up to reveal a USB-C plug so it can be used with either an A or C outlet.

The center part of the cable is coiled like those old-time wall phone cables and I'm not sure why that was done. In its coiled state, the cable is too short to connect to an AC outlet that's more than two feet away - like one at floor level, the most common location. Stretch the cable out to three feet and it will try to collapse like a spring, pulling your gadgets along with it. 

Whatever the idea was behind the coil, this cable does what I wanted it to do: eliminate the need to pack several cables and charging blocks in my travel bag. 


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