Thursday, February 15, 2024

An 8-port GaN II charger


There's a lot to like about this charging base. Like most other newer (and more expensive)  chargers, it uses gallium nitride rather than silicon. That means it can deliver a more powerful charge to multiple devices and do the job much faster.

The charger has eight ports, four with the standard USB-A connections and four for USB-C. It can refuel more devices simultaneously than any other charging stations that I've encountered.

The charger has one port rated at 65 watts, a typical rating for charging devices designed for computers. Power ratings for the other ports range from 15 to 30 watts. Using the high-powered USB-C port, I recharged my MacBook Air from doornail dead to 100 percent in 100 minutes while also charging my iPhone 15.

And I really like being able to charge all my devices - Airpods, iPads, Bluetooth speakers and other gadgets - all from the same power source and without paying a premium price. 

And hey, the green color is pretty nice as well. Check it out on Amazon.


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