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BcLapp app for cooks and shoppers.

Utiful photo organizer.

CovertAlert app.

Nanobébé Breastfeeding System.

Video review of SecureTribe app.

The Gizmo Editor checks out CES 2017.

How to get a video review of your tech product.

Luke demonstrates the IMDEN Magnetic Building Blocks for my review.

Coach Guitar app review for Hot Mac Apps.

Video review of What's Doin'? app.

Video review of Tank Spotter app.

Video review of American Wordspeller app.

Video review of Spritzr for Hot Mac Apps

Video review of myVEGAS Slots for Hot Mac Apps

Video review of WeatherBug for Hot Mac Apps.

Video review of Backup Chain

The Gizmo Editor Channel

Videos made for My Well-Being 2012-13 

This video posted in November, 2013, at takes a look at some labor-saving gadgets for the home, including robots that wash windows and clean the floors.

The Go-Go Dog Pal and the Cat Tantalizer are among my gadgets for four-legged family members.

My roundup of travel gadgets includes a TSA-friendly lock, the best gadget charger, the Screaming Meanie travel alarm and a travel pillow that doubles as a tablet stand.

Here's another video for the fall of 2013 that looks at a variety of ebook readers.

Here are some tips for keeping your iPad, Android or Kindle safe from slips and mishaps.

Here's a look at a pair of high-tech pedometers from Fitbit and Striiv.

In this video I tell you how brain games - on your computer or your mobile - can keep those neurons firing.


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