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Snap-on adapter brings Bluetooth to Bose QC3


Bose set the standard for noise-reducing headphones in 1989 when it developed created a noise-cancelling headset for pilots. By 2006, Bose was selling a $349 consumer version that was widely regarded as the best noise-killing headphone available. 

That was the year that I got the Bose QuietComfort 3 and I've given those phones plenty of use ever since. They travel with me every time I fly and I often use them when I mow my lawn. They get so much use that the leather-like surface of the ear pads has completely worn away.

I own Apple's AirPods Pro, which also promises to filter out ambient noise, but the 18-year-old Bose still does a better job. I would use them more often except for that pesky cable that's required to connect to mobile phone or other audio source. 

This Bluetooth adapter from Yocowoco is bringing new life to my old favorite. The adapter plugs into the cable port on the left ear pad and makes a tight grip onto the frame around the pad's indented listening port. 

The device has a trio of buttons to turn the gadget on or off, play or pause incoming audio and raise or lower sound volume. The buttons are super small and not easy to use, but they're available if you need them. It also has a built-in battery can be recharged with a USB-C cable without removing the adapter from the ear pad. 

I had no trouble pairing the device with my iPhone and I thought the quality of the sound it delivered was very good, comparable to what I got using the Bose cable. And even if I  have to give up a little fidelity to have Bose-quality sound and noise cancellation, that's okay with me.


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