Saturday, December 17, 2016

Blog reviews and rates modem-router combos


When the guy from the local cable company came to set up my new Internet service, he offered to install one of the company’s approved modems, which I would come with a monthly charge that would last forever, and to also provide a wireless router, which would also have a monthly fee.

What he didn’t tell me was a) I could buy my own modem and/or router and avoid the monthly charges, or b) I could buy a modern and router combo in a single box.

I hadn’t heard about modem-router combos until I came across Blue Gadget Tooth, a blog that reviews a variety of digital communication devices and services such as Bluetooth speakers and  cloud storage services. The site also contains a detailed review of five different modem-router combos.

Why go with a dual-purpose device? For starters, you’re dealing with a single box, and that makes installation easier and reduces the potential for compatibility issues along with space requirements.

The article looks at five combos from these brands: Motorola, Netgear, Zoom Telephonics, ARRIS and TP-Link. Each review looks at the download speed and the pros and cons for each device. One device gets the blog’s Editor’s Choice designation and another is rated Best valuer for the money.

No spoiler alert here. If you want to see which combos got the best scores, just click here.


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