Friday, May 31, 2024

Bedside charger adds a clock


I'm always on the lookout for a charger that supports multiple devices and travels well. The Hatalkin Foldable Wireless Charger looked like a good prospect.

It has spots for a phone, for an Apple Watch and for Airpods in their charging case. It also has a feature I haven't seen on other charging docks: a digital display that shows the time, temperature and humidity ringed by a soft light. 

That's pretty nice for a bedside setup. In my tests, all of my gadgets were fully charged overnight while I slept. But this charger will not be my regular travel companion. 

Why not? One reason it's a little too complicated. And while I appreciate seeing the time display, I don't know why I would care about the indoor temperature or humidity. 

I would also prefer to have a Magsafe phone charger and maybe a USB plug so I could also charge my iPad. But my biggest issue is this charger is just too bulky to travel. Yes, it folds down like a clamshell, but there's still lots of clam left over. Compressed, it measures 5 by 7 inches and one inch thick. 

There are lots of travel charging options that don't require that much space in my backpack so this one is likely to be given a permanent bedside home in my guest room. 


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