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This cable has tips for all reasons


There are so many portable devices in my world and they all seem to need different cables and plugs. My iPhone wants USB-C, my iPad uses Lightning and I have several gadgets that still require a cable with a micro USB tip.  

Too many cables and too many tips.

That's why I was attracted to the Statik Pro cable. It's a single cable that will charge all of those devices. One end has a full-sized USB tip that slides off to reveal a C tip inside. The other end has a magnetized socket that can accommodate three different tips to connect to a USB-C, Lightning or micro USB port. 

The socket end lights up when it's connected. It also rotates 180 degrees to help guard against damage. And if you bump the connected end, the magnetized tip separated from the socket instead of bending or breaking the tip.

So far, this cable is performing as advertised. I've tried it on a variety of devices and all were promptly refueled. The cable supports high-speed charging if you configure it with C tips at both ends and use a 100-watt charging base.

My only concern is the potential to lose one or more of the tips. They are tiny and a bit slippery. Statik's solution is a rubber zip wrap that has storage slots for each of the three tips. I can be a bit of a butterfingers guy at times, so I'm hoping for the best.


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