Sunday, December 18, 2016

Conversion software moves data from Oracle to PostgreSQL


The PostgreSQL database format got a big boost last month when Amazon Web Services said it would offer PostgreSQL as a fully managed service on Amazon Web Services.

PostgreSQL has become a popular alternative to Oracle, a widely-used database platform that often comes with a high price tag and strict licensing requirements.

Oracle users looking to migrate their data to PostgreSQL can check out Oracle-to-PostgreSQL, a program developed by Intelligent Converters that runs on Windows XP and later versions, including Windows 10.

Oracle-to-PostgreSQL allows users can export Oracle table definitions as data definition language (DDL) statements, convert the statements into PostgreSQL format and import the resulting table definitions into the target PostgreSQL database.

In addition to table definitions, users can also export data, constraints, indexes and foreign keys. The software supports all versions of Oracle and PostgreSQL including Software as Service (SAAS) variations of the database management systems.

Pricing for Oracle-to-PostgreSQL starts at $49. For more details and pricing options, check out the Oracle-to-PostgreSQL page on the Intelligent Converters website.


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