Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Mini power bank has a spot for Apple Watch


Over the years I've collected several charging cables and devices that were designed for travel convenience. Most of them served me well enough, but that was before I acquired an iPhone 15 with its new USB-C charging port.    

The RORRY Mini Portable Charger looked like a good option to replace my chargers and their Lightning connection. In addition to its pop-out USB-C plug, this charger has two features that caught my attention. 

First, it doubles as power bank. It has a 5000mAh 15-watt battery pack that can refuel my phone without having to connect to an AC outlet. That feature was quite handy when I stayed for a couple of nights in a room where outlets were either already taken or well hidden.

Second, it will recharge my Apple Watch at the same time it charges my phone. The charger is advertised to deliver one full charge to an iPhone 8 times to a watch. My phone wasn't fully drained, so I got two overnight charges for both phone and watch.

That was enough for the RORRY charger to earn a permanent spot in my travel backpack.


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