Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Dual wireless mics offer easy setup and crisp audio


I've made dozens of video interviews using my iPhone and I'm always looking for ways to improve their sound quality. My work took a big step up after I started using a lavalier microphone.

I've used four set-ups over the past few years and this Zahyeo wireless kit has been by far the best. My first wireless kit required a transmitter dongle that I had to be hidden under my subject's clothing. This one has the transmitter built into the clip-on mic - no wires needed. The earlier kit also had only had one mic while this one has two. Now I can interview two people or capture my questions with the same clarity as the subject's answers. 

While both microphone-transmitters have to be charged, I can now do that with a single cable while the mics are resting in their storage case. The mics were super easy to pair with my iPhone, with minimal signal lights and button presses, and the resulting audio quality was superior to anything I had captured with previous mics.

My only complaint involves the receiver. It has a USB-C plug to connect to the recording device. That's great if you're using an Android phone but a real annoyance if you have an iPhone. Zahyeo thoughtfully provided a tiny USB-C-to-Lightning adapter which worked perfectly for my recordings. But the company would have been even more thoughtful if it had made room in the charging case to stash the adapter. 


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