Thursday, November 30, 2023

Travel charger refuels everything


I’ve been caught too many time being away from home with a charger that would power up my iPhone but balked at refueling my Macbook or iPad. The GONEO charger is going to be the solution to that problem. 

First, it has enough power ports to charge all of my travel devices: computer, phone, tablet, Airpods and Bluetooth speaker. The charger has three USB-C ports plus two for USB-A cables. 

Using a single USB-C outlet, the charger delivers up to 87 watts of power, which great for larger devices like a computer. That drops to 45 watts when you're using multiple outlets - sufficient for power a laptop, just not as fast.

The second thing I like about this charger is its five-foot AC cord. That's long enough to find the ever-elusive wall outlet in hotel rooms or guest bedrooms. And it's more convenient and dependable than some of the multi-chargers I've used that have pop-out prongs. They ofter won't stay in the outlet and one was rendered useless because the prong broke.

Traveling with one GONEO charger is far better that hauling a bag full of cables and power blocks.     


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