Sunday, August 9, 2020

EDUCARE manages distance learning


Schools in our area will be open this week but many of their students will still be at home. While some grade schools, high schools and colleges will open their buildings to teachers and students, many others are requiring instruction delivered online using computers or tablets

The coronavirus pandemic has sent schools around the world scrambling to establish electronic learning systems, often building them from scratch. It's a situation that also opens the door for digital developers and entrepreneurs to build new ways to manage the challenges of online education.

One of them is Michael Villena, a software developer in the Philippines who has created an online education platform called EDUCARE. The program is a virtual classroom students log in to get their daily lessons, homework assignments, tests and grades.

EDUCARE is positioned as an all-in-one solution for schools that don't currently have a learning management system in place. Using EDUCARE might be especially attractive to schools in the Philippines where having the software developer nearby could provide a higher level of comfort.

The program may also be an appealing alternative to the widely-known Google Classroom, which some users have challenging to set up and use and more of a supplemental option for schools that already have a management system.    

With EDUCARE, teachers and students have access to dashboards to check upcoming classes, discussions and project submissions, and to exchange information about coursework or ask and answer questions. The system also records when a student enters the online portal so it can be used to track class attendance.

The learning management system is designed primarily for K-12 students but can also be used by colleges and universities for distance learning.

EDUCARE is available in different packages including a one purchased by the school and another priced based on the number of students using it. There is also package designed for tutors.

For more details and a demonstration, visit the EDUCARE website.


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