Tuesday, August 18, 2020

This garden fits in small spaces


Our home lot dosen’t have a good location for a large garden, so I went looking for an alternative, one that would be easily accessible for the whole family, from the pre-school age kids to their grandparents. 

What I found is the WeGuard Vertical Garden Planter. It’s a raised garden bed built to use container boxes mounted on a tilted rack. Each of the five boxes attach to horizontal rails - or they can be used a free-standing planters on a porch or deck or attached to a fence railing.

The boxes are designed to hold a variety of plants including herbs, flowers or small vegetables. We planted basil and tiny red peppers in one of our boxes and flowers in the others. 

A unique feature of the vertical planter is the way it shares water. Any water that filters through the soil collects in detachable tray on the bottom of the box. When the tray fills up, the water drips down to the surface of the tray below it. That helps avoid plat rot from muddy soil. 

The garden is a good choice for small spaces such as a patio balcony, a window sill or a sunny spot indoors. 

To get a closer look at the WeGuard Vertical Garden Planter, check out the video below and read the details on Amazon



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