Friday, December 23, 2016

Solitaire app offers multiple options


When my father taught me to play Solitaire, his version used a three-card draw. Players draw three cards at a time from the stack of 24 cards that are not already on the table. After playing all 24, they can turn over the stack and keep going until all plays are exhausted.

It was much later that I heard about a casino version in which players draw one card at a time and get only one trip through the stack of 24. A typical bet would be $50 with a payoff of $5 for each card moved to the foundation piles.

I’ve never seen Solitaire played in an actual casino, but apps like the free Solitaire card game created  by CardGames Studio let players choose in either Draw 3 Mode or Vegas Mode.

This versions of Solitaire is a lot like the free game that came with early versions of Windows but with several options. For example, players can choose among 10 different table styles, four card face styles and 12 card back designs. Mixing up the display keeps the game interesting.

Other options include unlimited use of the Undo button, hints to show the next move and an autocomplete option to finish a solved game. The app tracks your personal records and offers a daily challenge.

Free Solitaire is built for Android devices and is available to download from the Google Play Store.


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