Friday, December 23, 2016

Goree lets you pose questions to Instagram stars


Social media networks like Instagram allow anyone with a high public profile to collect thousands or even millions of followers. But along with that popularity and digital connection comes questions from their followers about their personal or business lives or requests for favors.

A new app called Goree creates a way for popular people to earn money by answering the questions or granting favors, like mentioning a new artist or product.

Goree is similar to Fenda, an app launched this year in China that connects people to celebrities through WeChat, the country’s popular messaging app.

Goree works like this: Say I’m a hotshot venture capitalist who just got written up in Forbes magazine. If I have accounts on Instagram and Goree, other users could find me and offer to pay me for my advice. Maybe they’re willing to pay $500 to hear what I think about the future of Uber or Twitter.

Goree lets users deliver their question or request and put up the cash they are willing to pay. If I answer the question, I get the money. If I don’t, the money is returned to the user who posed the question.

Payments can be made to a PayPal account or donated to a charity, making Goree an option for funding a celebrity's favority cause.

Goree can also also be used to generate income for the person who asking questions. When they get hot information from a celebrity - maybe a stock tip or Kanye West's next big idea - they can resell it to their Instagram followers. That way, Goree becomes a global information marketplace.

There are multiple ways that Goree users can deliver their answers, including text, a photo, a video or a voice recording. I can imagine actor James Earl Jones using Goree to sell recordings of Darth Vader telling caller to leave a message.

To check out Goree, visit the Goree website or download the free app in the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.


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