Thursday, November 3, 2016

TouchPoint smoothes the check-in process


An company that I visit a couple of times a year has all the latest high-tech equipment, except at its front desk. There, the people monitoring the reception area work with a clipboard and a pen.

Visitors are asked to fill out a form to update their personal information. I make my own visitor badge by writing my name on a sticky tag before she calls the person I’m there to see.

How much more welcoming (and secure) would that check-in process be if the company spent a little of that tech money to get the TouchPoint visitor management system?

The TouchPoint system from Cogent Innovations uses specialized software to capture a visitor’s information, stores it in a database and prints an official visitor badge or pass.

According to the product description on the Cogent website, the system can also be tailored to enhance the security of a client’s property. For example, TouchPoint can log when a visitor leaves a facility, prevent unauthorized visitors from entering restricted areas and track their movement in a building or campus.

For more details and to request a free demo, visit the TouchPoint VMS Module page on the Cogent website.


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