Thursday, November 3, 2016

How to find cyber security experts on Twitter


It seems that every day brings a new report about hacked emails, stolen credit card numbers and other security breaches. Security experts around the world are dealing with those and similar issues and posting updates on their Twitter accounts.  

But how do you know which experts to follow? The people at London-based Bridewell Consulting have answered that question by compiling and sharing a list of 100 security experts you could follow on Twitter.

Bridewell says it understands the challenge posed by the avalanche of information about security issues and cyber threats:

Whether you are an industry insider or work in cyber and network security there is an avalanche of information to cope with and keep up to date.

Their list is sorted by the number of Twitter followers for each source. Among the most popular feeds are posts by commercial security firms Kaspersky Lab and Symantec. Experts such as Eric Cole, Canadian David Chalk and former hacker Kevin Mitnick are also included.

To view or copy the entire list, follow this link to the Bridewell Consulting website.


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