Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Prison Break game keeps it simple


Some of my favorite games were developed long before advanced computers paved the way for realistic images that looked like they could easily be mistaken for photos.

Games like Lode Runner, Frogger  and many of the early Nintendo hits let you concentrate on the game play rather than getting lost in the graphics.

I was reminded of those games when I came across Prison Break, a game for mobile devices that it both easy to understand and easy to play.

Loaded on an Apple or Android phone, Prison Break responds to a single tap on the screen and relies on jumping and timing skills instead of complicated strategy.

The game is populated by a cast of simple characters that tend toward movie-inspired creepiness. One head is shrouded behind a hockey mask while another looks like a carved pumpkin.

When a player taps on the screen, the character jumps to avoid buzzsaws and other dangerous obstacles. That’s all that’s required. The game is simple enough to play with one hand and one finger, making it a good choice for killing time on a commute.

You can see Prison Break in action in the video below and see lots of screen shots on the Prison Break website. Free downloads are available for iOS devices in the Apple iTunes Store and in the Google Play Store for Androids. You can also get news and updates @dmongs on Twitter.


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