Monday, July 11, 2016

Nabe smart bulbs offer color and WiFi control


My son can turn on the outdoor lights at his house from anywhere using his mobile phone or they will automatically come on when he pulls in his driveway. In his neighborhood, that’s a safety measure as well as a convenience.

The lightbulbs connect to his home WiFi network and he’s on a mission to replace every light with smart bulbs. That’s why I told him about the Nabe WiFi LED bulbs from ambiLite.

Like other smart bulbs, they work with home WiFi and can be programmed using an app. But the also offer dimmer control, alarm and sleep modes and a wide spectrum of colors. The lights can be tuned to any of 16 million colors to add to a party atmosphere or provide a soft romantic glow.

The Nabe starter kit comes with three bulbs and ambiLite’s Genie controller that links with a WiFi network to control the starter bulbs and any additional Nabe bulbs. It also link to a free iOS or Android app.

For more details, check out the Nabe page on the ambiLite website where you can order the starter kit for $109.


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  1. Thanks for the great review on these bulbs. They look like you could really add some style to your house with different colors for different rooms and situations. The wifi controller looks smaller than most i have seen on the market so thats a big plus!



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