Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Service streamlines code integration


flow.ci continuous integration
The days of a lone programmer knocking out a complete application are long gone. Today’s software is so complicated that it is typically written by teams of coders, often in different locations and continents.

At some point, all those segments have to merged, connected and verified, a process that can significantly lengthen the timeline of a project. Implementing continuous integration (CI), a process that makes those connections while the code is being written, can shorten that timeline.

A hosted CI service called flow.ci says it can make the integration process faster and easier to use. While many CI tools need additional coding or other complex set up steps, flow.ci promises two-click simplicity.

The service works with several programming languages, including Ruby, PHP, Python and Android. And it supports plugin for code analysis, notification engines and other elements.

Users can try flow.ci for free until the end of its current beta period. For more details, visit the flow.ci website.


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