Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Orderly brings order to to-do lists


Like many people, I have lists of things I need to do. Some tasks are work-related and some are personal. There’s the written lists my wife dives me almost daily. There are my digital lists scattered among my mobile apps, including Evernote and text editors. And there are the many items that flit in and out of my brain.

If I’m ever going to be more product, my chore lists need to be more orderly, like the ones in Orderly. It's an iOS app that organizes task lists in a way that matches how our brains work and also keeps those lists stored and accessible.

The app has an attractive visual layout that lets users organize their tasks in folders and by topic. You can have a folder for travel planning, one for home improvement projects and others for grocery shopping or daily chores. An especially clever feature lets you set location-based reminders. I would use it to tell meet pick up a box of cannoli when I’m near my favorite Sicilian bakery.

For more details, check out the Orderly website, download the app in the iTunes App Store and follow @AppLifeStyle on Twitter.


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