Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Drift's Compass sharpens the wearable video recorder


I don’t know anyone who still wears Google Glass but I know plenty of people me included - who would happily wear the Compass.

Officially launching today, the Compass is a tiny digital camera that weighs about one ounce and is just slightly larger than the Apple Watch screen. In other words, it’s small and unobtrusive enough to slip into a pocket or clip to your clothes.

The camera records up to two hours of 1080p HD videos when you press a button on its face. The video can be stored on a microSD card and in a cloud-based repository that comes with the camera. It also has a microUSB port and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The camera's developers, Drift Innovations, have also created a companion mobile app called Drift Life that can be downloaded for free for iOS or Android devices. The app enables shot set-up, remote control recording, live streaming of events, and playback and sharing directly from those devices.

Why would people wear the Compass? How about to capture the great stories your friends tell and the funny stuff your kids say. You might live stream a concert or a speech and maybe feel a little safer sketchy neighborhood or in a stranger's car. If you’ve seen what people do with Periscope, you know there are hundreds of other answers.

To get a closer look at the Compass, check out the Drift Innovation website which sells the Compass for $129.99. Also, check out the video below and follow Drift Innovation on Twitter and Instagram.


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