Thursday, April 21, 2016

Partialpress lets you rewrite the news


At the newspaper where I worked for many years, we had an exercise that we would present to educate and entertain visiting groups. We would put them in charge of the paper’s front page and they would have to decide which stories would be published and which ones would get the most prominent display

Like any news outlet, we got plenty of criticism from people who question our judgement, so this was our way of saying, “Okay, let’s see if you can do it any better.” Some of them actually did.

Our front page exercise is a bit like the idea behind partialpress, a new website that lets users both share interesting news items, but also make their own changes and submit their version to a community of other reader/editors. It’s developers call partialpress “a news gamification experiment where users post their own stories, headlines, summaries, sources, and images.”

It’s a step or two beyond simply sharing an interesting story and adding your comment to the collection that trails behind the story. Once a story is posted, other readers have a chance to revise it further, adding a clever headline or a humorous photo, and also cast a vote that will help move the story up or down on the partialpress front page.

To add your own touch to the day’s news, check out the partialpress website.


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