Tuesday, August 11, 2015

iGear's charging stands match Apple Watch's style


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As soon as my Apple Watch arrived, I discovered two things: First, the watch battery requires a lot of charging. Mine can’t go two days without refueling. And second, I would need some sort of charging stand.

The watch comes with a charging cable, a USB cord with a quarter-sized disk on one end that makes a magnetic connection to the underside of the watch.

Yes, you can charge the watch by simply pairing it with the cable, but that’s an unimaginative solution that leaves your desk or nightstand looking cluttered. I tried one of the cheap charging stands sold on eBay, and it wasn't much better. I was disappointed by its flimsy materials.

A $400 watch deserves better treatment, like a charging stand that is both functional and stylish. That why I like the iGear Apple Watch charging stand that has become the overnight home for my watch.

iGear makes the stands using solid brushed aluminum or polished cherry wood. The base weighs about one pound, so the stand won’t easily tip over or get nudged aside.

There’s a soft pad on its underside to prevent prevent scratches and the base is finished with a nice beveled edge.

The watch’s charging disk nestles into a circular slot at the top of an angled arm. The cable slips into a channel that runs down down the arm and through base. That design keeps cable clutter to a minimum.  

The angle of the charging stand arm makes the watch face easily visible, so I use it as a clock on my night stand. When I touch the watch, I get an instant view of the time, date, outside temperature and my next appointment. I can also answer incoming calls.

The iGear stand not only looks great, it extends the versatility of the Apple Watch and well worth its $24.99 price. The stands are available in a silver, gold or wood finish at the iGear HQ website and on Amazon.


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