Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Yeloha lets anyone benefit from solar energy


Our son lives in California and he get excited about solar energy. As soon as he bought a house, he called a solar company to start installing panels on his roof. Meanwhile we would love to get the benefits of solar power, but our house and its location aren’t well suited for plugging into the sun.

We need Yeloha to play matchmaker. Yeloha is a peer-to-peer solar sharing network that has been called an AirBnB for energy. The service lets anyone reap the benefits of solar energy by pairing people with great roof space with people who don’t but are willing to pay for solar panels.

Anyone can sign up to pay for solar panels at about $65 each. Yeloha says those partners typically get the $65 back plus a net savings on their electric bill of 5 to 10 percent a year. The savings vary depending on the size of their home and their energy use.

A solar “host,” meanwhile, make their roof available, pay nothing and get a free share of their panels’ output.

The arrangement produces income or savings for everyone and helps expand the reach and use of solar - even to apartment renters.

For more details, visit the Yeloha website and check out the video below.


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