Friday, July 10, 2015

Soul Athlete offers fitness tracker leaderboards


When my friend Martin was training to run a marathon, he used his wrist tracker and apps for runners to chart his progress. What he needed but didn’t have was a partner who would run with him and push him to improve.  

Since I was out out of the question, I told him to check out Soul Athlete. It’s a website that works with tracking devices and apps that lets you compete with other athletes. Soul Athlete ranks fitness tracker data to create a leaderboard for different sports and training programs.

A runner like Martin could compete with runners all over the country. He could compete with his friends or set up a a group for a team competition.

USA or if you want you can create a team and compete with your friends and team members. Once a team is created, the team captains can adjust the competition timer to train for one day or up to one month. The person at the top of the leaderboard when the timer hits zero is the winner of the challenge and the #1 athlete.

The application works with the Fitbit and Jawbone Up trackers or it can work just with a runner’s cell phone. In addition to running, Soul Athlete can be customized to set up fitness tracker competition or a Fitbit leaderboard for other sports, such as soccer or volleyball.

For a closer look, visit the Soul Athlete website.


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