Thursday, July 9, 2015

Weather Point is the world's smallest weather station


You're at the halfway point of a week-long camping trip in the back country. You'd like to get a weather report but you're out of cell phone range. The Weather Point 2.0 is designed for just that kind of situation.

Described as the world's smallest personal weather station, the device is an individual key chain weather station that measures temperature, humidity, UV index and atmospheric pressure. The readings are displayed on your smartphone based in your exact location. The sensor itself requires no external battery or internet connection.  

Weather Point 2.0 is targeted to outdoor enthusiasts who hike, hunt, fish and camp. But it also makes a useful fashion accessory that is described by developers as "cute and elegant, stylish, fashionable, convenient and a very necessary piece of your daily outfit to help you go through your day without rain or any other weather surprises."  

The sensor is waterproof and durable inside a housing made from aluminum and titanium. It comes with a free app for Android or iOS devices. Through the app, users can also get helpful information on altitude, possibility of rain and suggestions for UV protection.  

Mind Lab Solution has launched a Kickstarter campaign that has raised more than $100,000 well past its goal of $25,000.  Backers who pledge $23 will be in line to get a Weather Point in a plastic case ($39 for the titanium) when it ships this fall. For more details visit the Mind Lab Solution website.


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