Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New app connects you to a personal tutor


The new Tutor App from Penumbra can help students navigate all their academic rough spots. For instance, they might be working on an MBA degree and struggling with the required course on statistics.  

Tutors are not hard to find, but they're not always reliable, affordable and available on the students schedule. 

What's different about the Tutor app is it expands the network of tutors to find the right person, regardless of where they live. With the Internet, a tutor doesn't have to be in the same community or even the on the same continent for be of service.

Penumbra says the app can also assist companies looking for a reliable partner for help with short-  or long-term projects in software development, web development or design. A tutor can also be a solution if you just need consulting services.

The app lets users find an expert in a required field and select a tutor based on multiple criteria, including their GPA and previous classroom teaching experience. Penumbra is also looking for advanced students, teachers and experts is various fields who want offer their tutoring services. Tutors who use Penumbra to connect with students can set their own schedule and fees. 

Details about the Tutor iOS app, which is expected to be released soon in the iTunes App Store, are available on the Tutor App website. You can also check out the video below and follow @thetutorapp on Twitter.


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  1. Amazing! I had to look online for a personal tutor . I'm lucky I got a good one with ( ) but it would've been great to just look with an app like this.



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