Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why did Warsaw get a Google campus?


Last year Google announced that it would add Warsaw, Poland to its Global network of campuses designed to nurture local startups. At the time, the tech giant had opened campuses in London and Tel Aviv and it later announced plans to expand to Madrid, Sao Paulo and Soul.

But why Warsaw? Writing on the website, author Anna Spysz quoted Google’s Genna McKeel as saying a campus location must have three key components: a flourishing start-up community full of talented entrepreneurs, the opportunity for local start-ups to benefit from Google’s global network and local current Google employees to provide mentorship. McKeel said Warsaw qualified on all three points.

The campus, she said, will be a place where experienced mentors, both from the local community as well as Google, help less experienced entrepreneurs go from idea to viable business, especially ones looking to scale and make an impact outside of their country or region.

Spysz said the Google campus will be located in the Praga Koneser Center, an old vodka factory in Warsaw’s Praga district, a run-down part of the city that is in full revival.

“Praga’s wealth of former factories and warehouses will likely soon host a new generation of start-up offices, lofts and meeting spaces,” she said.

The full text of her article can be viewed at Google’s Chrome browser helpfully includes a Translate button.


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