Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Electric flower vase smells great, never wilts


The bouquet of flowers on our kitchen counter looked lovely when we left for a long weekend. But when we returned, we were greeted by a sorry sight: brown, wilted flowers with their petals strewn around the floor.

That wouldn’t have happened if we had the Fragrant Electric Vase, a modified flower vase designed to deliver beauty and a pleasant smell without an expiration date or the need for fresh water.

The vase combines a permanent flower arrangement with a scented candle that becomes an air freshener when it’s plugged into an electrical outlet. The vase offers six flower types and five refillable fragrances. Users can mix and match favorite flowers with their choice of fragrances. 

The vase was developed by Colorful Vase Collections, which has a Kickstarter campaign under way with a goal of raising $15,000. Backers who pledge $29 will be in line to receive a Fragrant Electric Vase with delivery estimated in December.


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