Friday, April 3, 2015

Nano Mug keeps drinks hot for 45 minutes


It's been one of the great engineering challenges of the 21st Century: How to keep a cup of coffee hot for more than 10 minutes.

Now it looks like there may be a solution on the horizon with the invention of the Nano Mug.

The wireless heated mug uses nano heating technology to keep a hot drink hot for up to 45 minutes.

It plugs into a USB power outlet to charge the mug's internal heating elements, which means it can be used at home or in a car. A full charge keeps liquid at 155-160 degrees and lasts for at least seven refills.

Nano Mug
The Nano Mug was developed by Green Lama and Design HMI. The device made it's debut this week on Kickstarter where they hope to raise $120,000.

The mug is scheduled to be on the market later this summer with a price tag of $39.99. Backers can get one of the first mugs for pledging $30. Check the video below to see the Nano Mug in action.


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