Saturday, March 21, 2015

Alfred turns an old phone into a webcam


The webcam that keeps an eye on our front porch has a built in video camera and a W-Fi connection. It cost about $150.

I could have the same setup for almost noting using an old mobile phone and a free Android app called Alfred.

With Alfred installed, an unused smartphone becomes a home security camera, a baby monitors or a camera that lets you watch your pets when you're away. The camera you recycle doesn't need a cellular service plan, only a Wi-Fi connection.

Alfred is installed on your old phone and your current Android phone. One acts and the security camera, the other is your monitor. In addition to a live video stream, Alfred also supports an audio connection, so you you could sing to your baby or whistle for your pet.

You can see more screen shots, get more details and download Alfred at the Google Play Store.


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  1. On behalf of the Alfred team, I hereby deliver the most heartfelt gratitude to you and your words. This blog spot is a strong motivation and a confidence boost for the entire team!!! And I can never tell you how thrilled I was when you found out the connection between Alfred and Batman and the sense of security.
    Thank you for introducing Alfred to readers. We aspire to continue improving. If you’d like to share with us what you think about the app, we would really really appreciate that.

    Thank you,



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