Thursday, March 19, 2015

Showaround app shoots 360-degree images


I remember when the first animated 360-degree photos became available. They were very cool - and very expensive. Real estate companies liked to offer the wrap-around images as a feature that would help sell homes or commercial buildings. Sellers would pay $100 or more for a professional photographer to set up a video camera on a rotating tripod.

Today anyone with an iOS device can capture an animated 360-degree image for pretty much nothing. A free app called Showaround will spin an iPhone at a slow and controlled speed while the phone's camera captures a 360-degree image.

Showaround images can be tagged with latitude and longitude information. And users have access to a social platform where they can post their images and add comments.

The Showaround developers see the Showaround app as a great way for people who share their little corners of the world. Check out the app in the iTunes App Store to see if you agree.


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