Friday, February 6, 2015

WOOFit brings Danish style to Bluetooth speakers


The Danish company Bang & Olufsen has long been known for producing stylish audio gear. Now it's another Danish company that's bringing a sleek and sexy design to the Bluetooth speaker.

The WOOFit wireless speaker is a new import from the Danish company SACKit. The speaker makes an immediate statement with its sleek metal finish in copper, brass, silver or rose gold. Models in black or white are also available, all with the same $84.99 price.

The metal materials make the speaker heavier than most wireless speakers and that heft enhances the WOOFit's sound quality, especially in the bass lines. It's the same principle that makes a floor-standing speaker with a solid wood cabinet outshine a shelf speaker encased in plastic.

The WOOFit also has features you don't find in most speakers in its price range. For example, it will play music directly from a memory card inserted in its microSD slot. There's an audio out post that would turn your home stereo system into a Bluetooth receiver.

And the WOOFit is the first wireless speaker I've encountered that has a built-in FM radio tuner with a small antenna. Sometimes you just want to listen to Morning Edition instead of a Pandora playlist.

WOOFit speakers are available on Amazon and at the WOOFit website. You can also follow the Danes on Twitter @WOOFit_US.


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