Saturday, February 7, 2015

Android widget brightens your weather outlook


The weather outside my window is typical Midwestern February: cold, gray and uninviting. But the weather on my phone looks terrific, almost enchanting.

My weather outlook improved dramatically after I installed Amber Weather, a weather widget that dresses up an Android home screen with one of dozens or attractive designs ranging from sky and nature scenes to hand-drawn holiday themes.

The widgets deliver a full complement of weather data including current temperature, wind speed, humidity and UV readings. Detailed forecasts are available for the next 24 hours or the next seven days. You can customize the display with a clock and calendar and get alerts when weather conditions change.

The EZMob team that developed Amber Weather updates the design collection with new graphics every week and they say they will add Doppler radar in a future release.

Amber Weather is available for free in the Google Play Store.


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