Monday, December 8, 2014

SnuG Watchbands protect the Moto 360


My son bought the first Moto 360 Android watch on the day it arrived at his local Best Buy store. He loves the watch, but he worries about scratching it or getting it soaked with sweat when he works out.

I pointed him to the new Kickstarter campaign where they're preparing to launch SnuG Watchbands made specifically for the Moto 360. The bands are made of soft, flexible silicone so they work like a the protective case for a mobile phone.

The band has a circular chamber that grips and holds the watch at its edges and blocks perspiration from touching the back of the watch. Also, the bands are made in different colors so you can can swap bands to match your clothes.

The protector bands will cost $25 when they reach online shops later this month but here are several discount-priced options available on SnuG's Kickstarter page. Check out SnuG at or search for SnuGwatchbands on Twitter or Instagram.


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