Saturday, December 6, 2014

OnPage may finally make pagers obsolete


How do you know that a guy in a crowd of people is an IT manager? That's easy: he's the one with a pager on his belt.

Even in this era of mobile phones, many companies rely on pagers to reach mission-critical employees when disaster threatens.

But pagers aren't the only solution for fast communication. For example, there's OnPage, a communication channel that can quickly alert anyone who needs to be reachable in a hurry. OnPage lets any monitoring service generate an incident alert and send it via email or SMS to an iPhone, an Android or a BlackBerry device.

OnPage's target users include server admins, disaster recovery personnel, continuity specialists, operation managers, IT help desks, and other IT staff.

For more details on how OnPage works with IT professionals, visit the company's website and check out the subscription price list. You can also follow news from OnPage on the company's Twitter feed


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