Monday, December 8, 2014

Widget customizes clocks for Galaxy and Nexus phones


Among the many appealing aspects of owning an Android mobile phone is the ability to customize some of the features that you use every day. A good example is the phone's built-m clock. It's something you probably look a many times throughout the course of the day, so why not have one that suits your style?

The Round Clock Widget from Tiny Apps Studio lets you choose from among 20 different styles of clock faces and 12 different fonts for Galaxy and Nexus phones. Other features include a shortcut to the clock's alarm and a very cool animation that ticks off seconds.

The date and weekday display is linked to your chosen language, which can also be customized. Round Clock Widget supports four version s of English (US, UK, Canadian and Australian), plus Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, German, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and others, including Chinese.

The Round Clock Face app is free in the Google Play Store.


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