Sunday, October 5, 2014

Portable charger runs on sun power


For many people, getting back to nature does not mean getting away from their high-tech toys. When heading out When heading out to go camping, hiking, biking or canoeing, they make room in their backpacks for their cell phones, iPods, tablets and wireless speakers. And, of course, they take along a charger for when those devices run out of power.

But here;s the rub: How do you recharge the charger? That's not a problem if the charger runs on solar power. The Sol'r Max Pro Emergency Solar Charger can refuel almost any mobile device.

It has a three-headed adapter with connections that work with the iPhone 4 and 5 series, iPods, iPod Touch, iPad Mini, and Samsung Galaxy devices including the Galaxy Note. It recharges itself using a built-in solar cell or through a pop-out USB connection.

The charger costs $39.99 at and GizmoEditor readers can get $5 off if they use the coupon 5OFFSOLR. The price includes a protective sleeve that keeps an iPhone out of direct sunlight while it's charging.


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