Monday, April 18, 2022

Datagrasp helps companies manage security defenses


It seems that hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear about some company, organization, or government agency falling victim to a data attack or intrusion. 

As international tensions heat up following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more American companies are strengthening their data defense measures. Many are using expert consultants and online tools to help them verify that they are taking the correct steps. 

Datagrasp was founded last year to help corporations and other entities discover and analyze potential security risks. It provides a cloud-based platform that clients user to determine how well their organization adheres to current compliance laws and policies. 

Datagrasp provides a digital toolbox that can be used by any designated person within an organization, no security expertise required. The system guides users through the process of examining their security programs and organizing their documentation and audit trails so they will be ready when auditors come knocking.   

The Datagrasp system collects and stores documentation on internal and external audits. It also creates an internal audit checklist that includes a ranking and comparison to current business practices and processes. Audit reports and risk analyses can be retrieved quickly using the Datagrasp dashboard.

Some of Datagrasp’s primary assistance tools are available for free in the starter package available to companies with five or fewer employees. They include a security assessment, risk register, and compliance checklist. 

Packages for large businesses or enterprises are also available. For more details, visit the Datagrasp website.


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