Saturday, July 29, 2023

Adapter turns USB-C into Lightning


It’s clear that the USB-C standard is taking over the world. Everything from charging blocks to rechargeable flashlights seem to need a USB-C cable. And there’s a very good chance that the next iPhone will have a USB-C socket.

So now that I’ve stocked up with a bunch of new USB-C cables, I find myself rummaging around for a cable with Lightning plug. I got this TechMatte adapter because it looked like a good way to bridge the gap between Lightning and USB-C.

This device is a is a one-inch-long adapter with a Lightning plug at one end and female USB-C port on the other. Attach it to a cable with a male C plug and now you have a cable for all this i devices: iPhone, iPad, AirPods and so on.

The one problem I’ve had in the past with adapters like this one is they are so small they are easy to lose. TechMatte solves that problem by providing a silicon holder that attaches to a cable. This makes the adapter even more useful. Although the adapter can be purchased in a 3-pack, you only get two of the silicon holders. I have no idea why.


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