Thursday, June 22, 2023

A charger for MagSafe phones


When I travel, I always have a power bank, an iPhone cable and a strong rubber band in my backpack. Why a rubber band? I use it to attach the charger and cable to my phone to create one ugly but manageable brick. 

With the AMEGAT magnetic charger, I don’t need the rubber band or even the cable. The charger and the back of my phone come together to make a solid and snug connection and start the charging process. 

If your phone has a case, it will need to have an embedded MagSafe metal ring to make the connection.

When my phone at at 12% power, the charger took it to 33% after 24 minutes and to 53%  after one hour. Not especially speedy, but I’d call it satisfactory. The charger is listed charge at 30 watts with 10000mAh capacity. That’s less than the 20000mAh capacity that is common for many other portable chargers but strong enough to give an iPhone 14 almost 2 full charges. 

The AMEGAT is a little too thick and heavy (7.5oz) to fit comfortably in a pocket when it’s paired with a phone, but it acquits itself nicely as a tabletop phone stand. An embedded finger pops out from the bottom of the case to prop up the phone in a vertical or horizontal position. 

The charger has a single USB-C plug that can be used to refuel its battery while it’s charging your phone. Or you can use it to simultaneously charge a second device like AirPods or Apple Watch. The cable that comes with the charger is USB C to USB C, so you’ll need a Lightning cable for other refuel Apple gear. 

Overall, the AMEGAT delivers on its primary goal: providing a wireless charge to an Apple phone. No pesky cables - or rubber bands - required.


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