Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Three-way charging stand cured cable chaos


As I added more Apple devices -- iPhone, watch and AirPods -- my bedside table began to look like a snarl of snakes. I had a charging cable for each device and a wall outlet that was overrun with charging bases. The KKM Wireless Charger put an end to all of that. 

Now I have a wireless charger for my phone and watch and a cradle for my AirPods case with everything connected to one cable. 

The phone sits upright where I can see alerts and text messages. The watch faces the bed and serves as a clock while the pod case sits securely in a cradle with a Lightning tip at its center. Everything is organized and accessible. 

The cradle for the pod case is designed accommodate both the standard AirPod case and the wider case for the AirPods Pro model. One caution: Make sure that the phone is placed in a spot where a light just below it shows blue. If the light is red, the phone is off-center and not charging. 

And, although the three-way stand will take up a fair amount of table real estate, the single cable connection could make it a good travel option.  


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