Thursday, October 21, 2021

An app for a night on the town


Planning an evening out on the town typically starts with a lot of thumb work. You peck away on your mobile phone searching for restaurant websites and their menus. Then more searching for local concerts or sporting events. 

How about a movie? What’s playing and what are the showtimes? After you’ve juggled a bunch of apps and you finally have a plan, it’s time message your friends to see who’s in and where everyone wants to meet. 

That’s a lot of work that can make leisure seem downright exhausting. Isn’t there a better way?

A new app called hubub has a solution to all that juggling. Billed as a "Digital Concierge," the app helps users plan a night out by bringing all of those leisure-time listings together into one searchable app.

Once users install hubub and designate their home location, they are presented with lists of events, activities, and venues. Buttons for Concerts, Theaters and Sports display lists of upcoming events in each group. The app casts a fairly wide net, so events include those that might require a two-hour drive along with others that are in the user’s hometown.

Each list can be sorted by subcategories. The concert list can be narrowed to show jazz or classical music while sporting events can be filtered for football, baseball or even e-sports. 

The app is also well-stocked with listings for restaurants and bars. Users can also drill deeper into that data to find specialty restaurant types (Coffee, Brunch, Dessert) or cuisine types (Barbecue, Pizza, Mexican). In most cases, a link offering to reserve a table or order a meal takes you to Yelp where you can find reviews and links to the restaurant's website.  

My search for French food returned listings for a nail salon called French Tips and contractor named Jim French along with the Brasserie Provence, the best of the few French restaurants in my area. The list of vegan restaurants includes Taco Bell and Wendy’s.  

Other hubub listings are grouped under Things to do Nearby. That collection includes museums, movie theaters, art exhibits, libraries, and parks. These listings are all conveniently focused on locations that are in or close to my ZIP code. 

Want your friends to join you? The hubub app also makes that easy. Users can create groups by selecting names from their contacts app. Once you have found the concert or art show that you want to attend, click the Reserve button to add the item to your calendar, then hit the Invite Friends button to share your plan. Your hubub calendar keeps track of all the events in your (hopefully busy) social life. 


I found hubub to be a welcome time-saver and a valuable source of information about events and activities in my area. The app will get a lofty position on my iPhone and I expect it to give my thumbs a well-needed rest.

The app is available as a free download for iOS devices in the Apple App Store. For a closer look, watch the video below, visit the hubub website and follow @hubub_me on Twitter.


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