Monday, August 23, 2021

TongLe community helps users find and build friendships


Much of the recent news about social media hasn't been very good. Online platforms have been tagged as breeding grounds for political extremism and contributors to depression and loneliness, especially among younger users.

But some digital communities are taking a spin in a more positive direction. TongLe, for example, is a free online service that's building a community based on positive interactions in a stress-free and comfortable environment. 

Here's how TongLe summarizes it's goals: 

Our mission is to inspire hope, end stress and loneliness faced by our members. We achieve this by 24/7 peer support, compassionate listening, promoting healthy lifestyle and bringing healthcare closer to our members. Our approach is through science-based solutions to enhance their well-being so that we can help people live healthier, happier lives with our technology and our people.

Based in Southeast Asia, TongLe's target audience is adults between ages 18 to 45 living in regions that include Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

TongLe's website offers discussion groups on topics such as Mental Wellness, Fitness and Coaching, Coping with Stress and Anxiety and becoming a better version of one's self.  

Many of the TongLe activities and events take place offline in the real world organized by their own users. For example, there's a weekly beach tennis event where members are invited to drop in to play or get a lesson. Other events include group hikes, yoga sessions, cycling and board games as well as lunch and dinner gatherings in order to increase human interaction. 

There is no charge for members to join TongLe. The service generates income from connecting members to professional services, singing instruction courses and a unique Listener Service that is available at any time of the day or night. An evaluation by Equidam says TongLe has almost 18,000 members and is valued at $7 million (SGD).

For a closer look at TongLe's services and activities, visit the TongLe website. TongLe also has a mobile app available for download at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


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