Thursday, August 26, 2021

Rockstar Bingo beats the work-at-home blues


For most of my work-at-home friends, every day brings another round of boring business video conferences. And if they can't leave their house or stray very far from their keyboard and mouse, don't they deserve an occasional break to do something fun?

I think I might have a solution. It's a group game called Rockstar Bingo that's starting to pop up both online and in real-world bars and pubs. And it looks like a lot more fun than another Zoom call with the boss.

The game is like traditional bingo, but instead of a grid of random numbers, each player gets five-column digital card showing song titles and artist names in each square. The game host spins songs while players search their cards looking for a match. The winner, of course, is the first player to click a series of squares that spell B-I-N-G-O.

The game can be played at home among friends or family members, or in a pub or similar live setting. All it needs is a host to set it up, a list of players, and a collection of at least 75 songs. The host sends invitations to players who click to the Rockstar Bingo website to exchange their invitation code for a bingo card.

Once players have checked in, the host starts playing tunes and players begin identifying songs and marking their cards. Is that Pink Floyd's "Money" that I hear? Do I have that square? When a player fills in a row, they click the "Call Bingo" button to alert the host.  

Hosts act as the game's DJ. If they're using a paid version of the game, they can select a playlist provided by the game makers, upload their own playlist or connect to one of their personal playlists on Spotify. Rockstar Bingo also maintains a library of public Spotify playlists.   

Hosts can also consult a library of training videos to help them up their game with tips, graphics, checklists, photos and other media assets. There's also a Facebook community that's just for hosts and a Music Bingo Podcast.

In addition to bingo sessions with friends or businesses associates, Rockstar Bingo is also starting to be offered as entertainment in clubs and pubs, like a new spin on karaoke or trivia nights. The game can also be used to keep crowds entertained at sporting events or movie theaters during the warm up period or intermissions. 

Rockstar Bingo is available for free play with groups of up to six players. An ad-free premium version that allows custom playlists and supports up to 30 players costs $29.99 per year. For larger groups, Rockstar Bingo will provide a custom price quote.

For more details, check out the video below and visit the Rockstar Bingo website, their Facebook page and Instagram feed and @RockstarBingo on Twitter. 



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