Monday, July 26, 2021

iMin's new POS terminals aid growth of contactless payments


Americans love their gadgets but sometimes it takes a while for them to integrate new devices into their daily lives. While much of the world was making purchases with their mobile phones, Americans were still reaching for their credit cards or paper money. 

And I was among them, a creature of habit that had been baked in over many decades. But that habit is changing, spurred in part by the global COVID-19 pandemic, which made shoppers wary of touching things outside our homes, even our own money. 

According to the FIS Global Payments Report 2021, the use of cash declined by 42% between 2019 and 2020. The move to digital payments in brick-and-mortar stores is also being fueled by the adoption of new point of sale terminals that make it especially easy for both customers and store employees to use. 

One of the leading global producers of those new check-out devices  is iMin, a Singapore-based firm that specializes in high-performance POS terminals including smart cash registers and handheld payment equipment. This month iMin launched a pair of new desktop POS terminals that boast faster processors, multiple display screen and an improved user interface. 

iMin's D1 device is built around a 10.1-inch screen that the terminal's operator uses to enter orders and process payments. A smaller 2.4-inch screen faces the customer to scan input and confirm transactions.

The device is powered by an 8 Core ARM chip that runs 3 times faster than average processor speeds. The D1 also has a built-in Seiko printer that delivers a paper receipt on the customer side of the device. 

Other features include support for Wifi and 4G networks, slots for Nano SIM and TF cards and optional support for NFC technology. The iMin software uses the Android 11 operating system with a custom user interface. 

The larger D1 Pro model has similar specifications with a 13.3-inch display and a slightly larger printer. iMin also makes the handheld M2 mobile POS terminal that can record orders and process payments.  

For more details, check out the video below and visit the iMin website where you can download product catalogs and operating manuals for many of iMin's products.

You can follow the company online at FacebookInstagram (@imin_tech), and LinkedIn.


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