Monday, April 26, 2021

Weblink app makes news sharing easy


If your daily routine is like mine, it includes these three things: 1) read a news story on the Internet, 2) share a link to the story it with someone you know, and 3) discuss the story with a friend family member. 

I use a browser, text messenger and other apps to do all that but now I've discovered a new app called Weblink that lets me do all of those activities in one place. 

Weblink users start by selecting their global area of interest, such as America, Africa, Europe or Middle East. 

Then they browse summary streams of news stories from a variety of sources including broadcast networks (CBS, Fox, ESPN), newspapers and magazines (Rolling Stone, Wired, The New York Times) as well as special interest blogs like Gizmodo and the Daily Caller.

Pressing a refresh button moves you from one stream source to another. You can also use a search window to bring up links to articles on your search topic from a mix of sources.

See a story you want to read or share? One click opens a menu to let you read or share the article. 

The app also lets you bookmark a story or video and view or start a chat session or discussion thread with other users who might have opinions on the article. The Weblink developers say chats and discussion posts are encrypted. 

Weblink currently runs only on Android devices that have version 8.0 or later of the operating system. The app is free, with advertising, and can be downloaded in the Google Play Store.


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