Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Sanitizing dispenser gets a high-tech look


The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us all to be more vigilant about our sanitary habits. We wear face masks when gathering in public spaces and regularly use hand sanitizing lotions. You can keep a mask in your pocket or purse but you can't always count on having easy access to germ-killing lotion.

The people behind the Sani Amigo have an answer to that problem. The Sani Amigo is a small personal lotion dispenser that you can clip to your belt or attach to a neck lanyard that many people wear at work to keep their ID cards visible.

The Sani Amigo is the focus of a current funding campaign at Indiegogo and is scheduled to be available later this summer.

The dispenser has an internal tank that can filled and refilled with the user's preferred lotion or gel. A clear window on the side of the device lets users easily see when the tank's supply is getting low.

The Sani Amigo can also remind user's when it's time for another squirt. A battery-powered timer can be set to vibrate every 30, 60 or 120 minutes. The timer runs on an inexpensive coin-style battery that has a long life and can be purchased at most drug or convenience stores. 

Sanitizing lotion is delivered by a pump that swivels out to deliver a squirt and avoids unwanted drips by rotating back to its home position.

The developers of the Sani Amigo said they were inspired by the evolution of COVID masks from bland objects to fashion statements. 

That’s when it hit us: sanitizer bottles weren’t keeping up. Either there wasn’t sanitizer around, or we’d forgotten it in the car, or it spilled in our travel bags, or the plastic bottles were uncomfortable in our pockets. 

Their goal was to create a sanitizer dispenser that would be more useful and more personal than the big plastic bottles that people have at home to see in some public spaces. 

The Indiegogo campaign has already reached its goal of raising $3,985 to finance production but  early bird special deals are still available until May 7. Packages start at $25 for one dispenser.

To get a closer look at the Sani Amigo, check out the video below, read the Sani Amigo story at Indiegogo and visit the product page on Facebook or Instagram. 

Sani Amigo - The Smart Dispenser from Sani Amigo on Vimeo.


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