Wednesday, December 23, 2020

EIG PRO unspools high-end cabling projects


My cell phone, tablet and laptop computer bring me email, text messages, news reports, stock prices, and a stead stream of photos of my darling grandchildren. And they all arrive without wires or cables.

But be assured, there are plenty of wires and cables involved in producing the magic of the Internet. They just tend to congregate out of sight, under the floor or above the ceiling tiles in commercial buildings and education centers and in nondescript rooms packed with sophisticated switching equipment. 

Getting Internet service to my home is a relatively simple process. I just needed one small wire run from a utility pole to a junction box mounted on the side of the house. 

But wiring a business office or an educational institution requires a miles of cables and a cadre of highly-trained installers and technicians. 

People like those at EIG PRO.

EIG - Elusive Integrators Group - is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area where it specializes in a wide range of audio-visual integration projects and high-end cabling work. 

The company doesn’t lay down the thousands of miles of underwater cables that connect the US to the rest of the world, but it knows how to bring data from those cables to an office building, hospital, research lab or college campus.  


As the EIG people like to put it: 

Data cabling makes the world run

EIG projects include cable structure planning and installation, data network troubleshooting, fiber installations and WiFi and cloud integrations.

Some of the EIG projects featured on the company’s website include executive boardrooms with individual data terminals; audiovisual displays in a football locker room; indoor and outdoor audiovisual and device controls for luxury apartment complexes; and business conferencing “Zoom Rooms.”

For a closer look at EIG PRO, check out the video below and find the company on Facebook and Instagram and @eig_pro on Twitter.


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